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Unit 50

North Little Rock Street Department workers will focus daily on picking up debris, trash, and anything citizens report. North Little Rock residents should call 501-340-5355 to report spills, street trash, or anything in the beltways and streets of our city that needs to be removed. Other issues or concerns should be directed to our 3-1-1 system.

North Little Rock Contact Information
MayorTerry C.
City Clerk and TreasurerDiane
City AttorneyAmy
Judge (Traffic)Judge Randy
Judge (Criminal/Civil)Judge Paula Juels
Chief of Staff Mike
City Council
Ward 1 Council MemberNathan
Ward 1 Council MemberDebi
Ward 2 Council MemberLinda
Ward 2 Council MemberMaurice
Ward 3 Council MemberSteve
Ward 3 Council MemberRon
Ward 4 Council MemberVincent Insalaco
Ward 4 Council MemberCharlie
Animal ServicesAdam Tindall501-791-8577
Code EnforcementFelecia
Community DevelopmentBailey
Construction & Building ServicesMary Beth
North Little Rock Tourism
(Convention and Visitors Bureau)
Karen Trevino501-404-0319
Economic DevelopmentColleen Bailey501-442-5329
Emergency ServicesKim Francisco501-340-5365
EngineeringDavid Cook501-371-8339
External AffairsMargaret
History CommissionSandra
Human ResourcesBetty
Public Library SystemCrystal
Mayor’s Youth CouncilJan Scholl501-951-0866
Neighborhood Services & Community GardensDan
Parks and RecreationKenny
PolicePatrick Thessing
Special ProjectsArnessa
Patrick Henry Hays Senior CenterDustin
TrafficKenny Stephens501-371-5352  
Unsheltered Community  Officer Shana Cobbs501-975-8780
Vehicle MaintenanceKenny
Volunteer ServicesAngela


  1. Does North Little Rock have a program to help senior citizens/low-income residents with home repairs or utility bills?
    Unfortunately, the City of North Little Rock does not have any funds available for these issues. We used to have a program that assisted with home repairs, but 2016 was the last year it was offered.
  2. I hit a pothole and got a flat tire. Will the City pay to get it repaired/replaced?
    Potholes are considered road hazards along with nails and glass. Road hazard damage occurs when a tire fails as a result of a puncture, bruise, or impact break incurred during the course of normal driving on a road maintained by state or local authority. The City will not cover the cost to repair/replace a tire damaged by a pothole.
  3. What’s going on in Park Hill? When will the construction be completed?
    The Park Hill Jump Start project is a federally-funded economic development project funded through Metroplan using grant money from the Arkansas Department of Transportation (ArDOT). The sidewalks, landscaping and median are being replaced and the streets are being repaired through grant funds to improve the walkability and hopefully increase economic development. The project is scheduled to be completed in 2023.
  4. I paid to park in a parking lot in Argenta and got a ticket – who do I call to dispute this?
    The City does not own the parking lot across from Argenta Community Theater. Contact Premium Parking at (901) 432-4941.
  5. How do I report a problem, concern, or specific issue I am having?
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