Diversity Equity Inclusion

NLR Diversity Equity Inclusion Alliance (NLR DEI Alliance)

Diversity Encompassing different characteristics that make up an individual or group from another. Diversity is often used in reference to race, ethnicity, and gender. We in North Little Rock embrace a broader definition of diversity that also includes age, national origin, religion, disability and socioeconomic status. Our definition also includes diversity of thought: ideas, perspectives, and values. 

Equity The fair treatment, access, and opportunity for all people. While at the same time eliminate barriers that have prevented the full participation of some groups. Equity must increase fairness and justice within the procedures of institutional systems.  as well as in their distribution of resources. Tackling equity issues requires an understanding of the root causes of these disparities within our society.

Inclusion Creating an environment in which any individual or group can be and feel welcomed, respected, supported, and valued to fully participate. In North Little Rock we create and welcome a climate to embrace differences. While offering respectful words and actions for all people. It’s important to note that while an inclusive group is by definition diverse, a diverse group isn’t always inclusive. 

Alliance A union of the City of North Little Rock employees between all cultural backgrounds in the community. A relationship in which people agree to work together, forge a close alliance between government and community to strengthen North Little Rock to make it an inclusive place to live.

Join the movement to make North Little Rock a more diverse, equitable and inclusive city and community.

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Dr. Arnessa Bennett, Director
Diversity Equity Inclusion Alliance
Office of the Mayor
300 Main Street
North Little Rock, AR 72114
Phone: 501-975-3737
Email: abennett@nlr.ar.gov