From that speed limit sign located on your street to monitoring traffic with portable radar trailers, the Traffic Department does it all.


To maintain and provide traffic signage for all streets in the city, including striping and street signs.


Stripe City Streets
Traffic engineering studies
Design, install and maintain traffic signals
Construct, install and maintain traffic signs
Approve barricade plans for partial or complete closure of streets
Maintain traffic accident report inventory
Radar speed monitoring program
Represent North Little Rock on the Central Arkansas Regional Transportation Technical Coordinating committee


Advanced Traffic Controller Cabinets

  1. Increased Safety
    • Prevent accidental shock
    • Promote driver safety
    • Built-in functionality tests
  2. Enhanced Operations
    • Expedite troubleshooting
    • Reduce training and inventory
    • Manage complex intersections
  3. Reduce costs
    • Decrease liability risks
    • Save energy
    • Adapt to infrastructure change and growth

New Central Traffic Management System

  1. Enables the city to proactively manage traffic flow
  2. Promote mobility through real-time traffic data collection and management tools
  3. Monitor system-wide traffic conditions and devices
  4. Command innovative control strategies
  5. Analyze system performance and trends
  6. Enable proactive management
  7. Centralize documentation and inventory control
  8. Ensure system integrity through data validation
  9. Boost accountability through user security, controller, and activity logs

New Battery Backup Systems

  1. Provides hours of uninterrupted power through weather outages and other disturbances
  2. Provides safety for drivers and law enforcement officials under hazardous conditions
  3. Protects equipment from power surges and storm related issues

Kenny Stephens – Director
1112 Sycamore St.
North Little Rock, AR
Phone: 501-340-5352
Fax: 501-340-5350