Community Development


To develop an attitude of hope and promise for neighborhood revitalization and preservation. To provide storm drainage improvements to alleviate flooding, ponding, and hazardous conditions and to provide street paving and installation of curbs and gutters in connection with projects in low to moderate-income areas of the City. To eliminate conditions of slums and blight, to improve the housing quality throughout the community, and to expand and increase housing choices through the development of new affordable housing stock for the benefit of low to moderate-income persons. To assist nonprofit organizations providing public services and to improve public facilities for the benefit of low to moderate-income citizens, including at-risk youth, elderly, special needs, disabled and homeless populations.


Public Works Projects – Grant funding provides storm drainage improvements to alleviate flooding, ponding, and hazardous conditions stemming from storm water runoff into inadequate drainage facilities and provides street improvements and installation of curbs and gutters in low to moderate-income areas of the City.

Homebuyer Program – The City partners with Pulaski County Neighborhood Alliance for Habitat (PCNAH), a supporting organization of Habitat for Humanity of Central Arkansas, on developing new affordable housing in North Little Rock.  PCNAH constructs attractive, energy-efficient homes and offers zero percent interest financing to eligible low-income homebuyers.  For more information, call PCNAH at 501-251-6757.

Technical Assistance – The Community Development Agency provides technical assistance to neighborhood-based nonprofit organizations that assist persons of low to moderate income. 

Handicapped Ramp Program – North Little Rock residents needing a wheelchair ramp may contact this office at 501-340-5342 for a referral.  At this time, the City does not provide this service directly but does partner with other groups and organizations that may be able to provide assistance.  Call for more information.

Housing Rehabilitation Programs – At this time, the City does not offer assistance with housing rehabilitation needs.

Habitat for humanity logo

Habitat for Humanity has shared an article featured in Sunday’s paper (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette – February about our updated floor plans and upcoming builds in Baring Cross. We’ve got an extraordinary amount of great feedback! We hope you’ll be proud and pleased with the new plans we’ve come up with:

For additional renderings, you can see the home at


Q. Does this office help pay utility bills?
A. No, this office does not help pay any type of utility bills.

Q. What type of assistance is available to homebuyers? 
A. Please see the Homebuyer Program information under the “Services Provided” section above.

Q. Does this office provide assistance with wheelchair ramps? 
A. Please see the Handicapped Ramp Program information under the “Services Provided” section above.

Q. What type of assistance is available to help with repairs to my home?
A. Due to a lack of funding, the City does not offer assistance with housing repair or rehabilitation needs at this time.

We will be happy to answer any other questions you may have regarding our programs. Please call 501-340-5342 for assistance.  


Bailey E. Noland – Director
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Phone: 501-340-5342
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