The Street Department has the responsibility to maintain the streets of the city.  This includes crack and joint sealing, paving, fixing potholes, and clearing the right of way.


To maintain the streets of the city, to keep the rights of way clear, and to help in emergencies.


  • Preventative Maintenance of all City Streets
  • Mowing of the City Right of Way and City Property
  • Base and sub base repair
  • Street overlay for asphalt and concrete streets
  • Crack and joint sealing for asphalt and concrete streets
  • Storm Basin repair or replacement
  • Milling of streets for Overlay
  • Bridge maintenance
  • Curbs, sidewalks and gutters repair or replacement
  • Fallen trees removal from streets and Right of Way
  • Brush control of Right of Way
  • Cleaning of Right of Way
  • Cleaning of drainage ditches, flood protection, levee, floodwall systems
  • Sweeper service
  • Spraying-Weed Control
  • Severe weather response
  • Storm and drainage ditch maintenance
  • Shoulder maintenance
  • Pothole patching
  • Litter Patrol
  • Haul:  SP2, Sand, Dirt, Gravel, Mulch & Compost for all City Departments


Equipment Crew

The equipment crew is responsible for ditch maintenance (excavate and grade ditches to drain and remove blockages), shoulder maintenance (blade and rock shoulder to drain road and minimize drop off), alley maintenance (grade, rock, and clean up alleyways as required to permit traffic), major drainage ditches (excavate, shape slopes, remove debris to let water keep moving), storm culverts/pipes (excavate and replace crushed or broken pipes, and install and cover pipes as directed or required), walking/bike trails (grade, shape, spread SP2 and roll in, level and get ready to asphalt).


Masonry Crew

The Masonry Crew does full depth patching (as required or directed from traffic load or age), storm basins (repair or replace damaged storm basin tops, walls, and inlets), storm culverts (install and cover as directed or required, seal pipe(s) leaks on city drainage systems, and excavate and replace crushed or broken pipe(s), bank protection (rock slope protection and gabions), under drains or French drains (provide drains as directed or required), bridge maintenance is responsible for deck (wearing course as damaged or directed), street curbs and gutters (repair or replace when safety or drainage problem, guard rail (repair or provide posts and rails as required).


 Patrick Lane – Director
 1124 Orange St.
 North Little Rock, AR 72114-4159
 Phone: 501-340-5356
 Fax: 501-340-5360

 Hours:  7:00am – 3:30 pm, Monday-Friday

Arkansas Department of Transportation

State Highway Maintenance: 501-569-2266