Public Safety is always priority number one for any city administration but providing basic utility services like clean water, reliable electricity and natural gas, and consistent sanitation pickup are some of the most important, yet overlooked, aspects of your city government. Your City Council strives to provide cost-effective, reliable electric and sanitation services to the taxpayers. Our city is proud to partner with Central Arkansas Water and Centerpoint Energy to provide clean water and natural gas.

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NLR History

Known only as “opposite Little Rock” until the Civil War, North Little Rock grew as a crossroads that linked river and overland traffic. In 1866, surveyed and plotted, an unincorporated town of mills, factories, hotels, and saloons became known as the town of Argenta.

In 1890, the community of Argenta filed papers to incorporate as a city. However, Argenta’s southern neighbor, across the Arkansas River, quickly passed legislation to annex the little town and make it the eighth ward of that city. Years later a group of north side businessmen led by William C. Faucette (who was elected to the Arkansas State Legislature) introduced a bill to allow a new city to be created by annexing the eighth ward of Little Rock.

In 1903, North Little Rock and Argenta town residents voted to merge. Little Rock mounted a court challenge, but on February 6, 1904, the Arkansas Supreme Court ruled in favor of the 1903 merger of North Little Rock and Argenta (named for silver mines), with more than 8,000 residents. In January of 1906, North Little Rock changes its name to Argenta, but in October 1917 renamed itself back to North Little Rock.

Visit the History and Historic Commission’s page for information on historic buildings, landmarks and sites, learn more about the colorful stories of the people and places that shaped the North Little Rock of today.