External Affairs

As the outreach arm of the Mayor’s Office, External Affairs connects the public to resources and services offered by city government. The department serves as a liaison between public and private entities working together for the common good.


The External Affairs Office is an outreach arm of the Mayor’s Office, which connects businesses and the public to a multitude of resources and services offered by city government. Special business focus is on building coalitions of Business and Merchants Associations throughout the City. International focus is coordination of international Sister City Program. Connecting citizens with vital community service agencies providing public assistance is also provided through this office. The department serves as a liaison between public and private entities working together for the common good.


Sister Cities – External Affairs organizes home stays and programming for visitors from our Sister Cities. We are always looking to grow our network of host families, volunteers, and exchange students. Contact us to get involved in the Sister Cities program. 

Business and Merchants Associations  External Affairs serves as the liaison between the Mayor and business owners interested in organizing their business community into a business and merchants association. External Affairs assists with communications, strategy, and organization of meetings.

Nonprofits  List EA’s involvement with the Salvation Army, as well as any other nonprofits the office assists. 

Sister City Program Coordinator  

To organize and promote the Sister City Youth Home Stay Programs between Uiwang City, South Korea and the City of North Little Rock, recruiting host families and attracting students to the City’s Sister City Program. 

To communicate with Uiwang City international staff, coordinating program dates, program schedules, and matching delegates with appropriate host families.

To work with the North Little Rock School District to  plan the Winter School Program, including school orientation and school mentors.

To provide informational meetings prior to each program to acquaint families and delegates with the cultural, social, and cuisine aspects of  the Sister City Program.

To plan and budget for all program activities, coordinate transportation,  and recruit volunteers. 

To participate actively in all program activities, on-call for emergencies or concerns which rarely arise.

Mayor’s Office Liaison to Business Community 

To help facilitate two-way communications between the city’s business community and the Mayor’s office,  providing an atmosphere of mutual respect and access to city officials when business needs arise.

To connect and encourage partnerships and formal association agreements among neighborhood  businesses and property owners.  The goal is to facilitate closer working relationships  to be better able to address local  issues, provide easier access to city staff and resources, and to coordinate efforts in economic development, public safety, marketing and advertising,  landscaping, and to promote special events to attract new customers and new businesses to the area. 

To serve the North Little Rock Chamber of Commerce, serving on committees and working actively as an advocate for the Chamber, and coordinate efforts with the North Little Rock Office of Economic Development.

To represent the Mayor at business meetings and events as assigned. 

Partnerships and Collaborations

Mayor’s Office Liaison to  Community Organizations, Non-profits,  Churches

To develop partnerships and collaborations  among organizations, non-profits, churches and individuals in North Little Rock.

To serve in a community outreach capacity  developing closer connections  between community groups and  city government  resources.

To serve  the North Little Rock School District on with special projects.


 Margaret Powell – Director 
 City Hall, 300 Main St.
 PO Box 5757
 North Little Rock, AR 72119-5757
 Phone: 501-975-8605
 Fax: 501-975-8633
 Email: mpowell@nlr.ar.gov