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The role of the Planning Department is to promote and enhance the well-being of residents, visitors, property owners, and businesses in the City of North Little Rock. The Department accomplishes this through programs and services that encourage high quality development. 

The Department responds to requests for Geographic Information System (GIS) products from the public, Pulaski County, other City Departments, and creates and administers all City street addresses and coordinates with 911 services.  The Department has developed a GIS data coverage for infrastructure, address information, land use maps, zoning maps, and police and fire districts. Using this data and GIS software, the Department can quickly and efficiently map scenarios and analyze data.

The Department is responsible for the long-range planning and zoning activities within the City and within the City’s Planning Boundary.  The Zoning Ordinance, the Subdivision and Development Ordinance, the Master Street Plan and the Land Use Plan are the primary planning related tools of the Department. These ordinances ensure compatibility of uses while directing the placement of infrastructure and public services. 

The Department is responsible for the administration and enforcement of the City’s adopted construction codes, the issuance of construction related permits and providing plan review and inspection services with regard to building, plumbing, mechanical and electrical construction in the City to ensure compliance with the City and State Building Safety Standards. The Building Official/Plans Examiner reviews all non-residential development plans, and multi-family development plans to ensure compliance with all City, State, and Federal Codes.

The Planning Department provides the primary staff for the North Little Rock Planning Commission and the North Little Rock Board of Zoning Adjustment.