We offer 34 neighborhood parks.

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Burns Park Maps:

Neighborhood Parks:

Burns Park
1 Eldor Johnson Drive
(Exit 150 off I-40)
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Campbell Lake Park
4100 Cooks Landing Road
(parking is at end of parking lot at the base of the Big Dam Bridge)
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Camp Robinson Road Park
5511 Camp Robinson Road
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Conley Park
805 N ‘C’ Street
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Crestview Park
141 Crestview Drive
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Dark Hollow Memorial Park
1115 East 13th Street
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Emerald Park
3098 W Scenic Drive
(parking off of Marge Gardner Lane)
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Faucette Brothers Park
100 Riverfront Place
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W C Faucette Memorial Park
3021 JFK Boulevard
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Fearneyhough Park
325 East ‘C’ Avenue
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4800 E 19th Street
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Heritage Park
2310 Division Street
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Idlewild Park
3411 Idlewild Avenue
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Levy Park
1320 W 37th Street
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Lorene Joshua Park
901 E 14th Street
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Melrose Park
170 Melrose Circle
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Military Heights Park
408 W 24th Street
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Moss Street Park
4115 Moss Street
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North Heights
4801 Allen Street
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North Little Rock
2700 Willow Street
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North Shore Park
130 Saunders Drive
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NLR Riverfront Park (formerly North Shore Riverwalk Park)
100 Riverfront Park Drive
(parking near AIMM)
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Google Map (for driving directions)

Old Mill Historical Park
3800 Lakeshore Drive
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Pugh Park
5416 N Locust Street
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Riverview Park
2801 River Road
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Jim Roberts Neighborhood Park
1210 Park Drive
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Rose City Community Center
400 Rose Lane
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School Street Park
4401 School Street
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Sherman Park
624 N Beech Street
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Stone Links
110 AR Hwy 391
(intersection of AR Hwy 391 and Faulkner Lake Road)
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Vestal Park
1400 Crutcher Street
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Open Space
Exercise Fitness Trail

17th Street Park
1621 Schaer Street
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