Wedding Information

A wedding at the Old Mill can be a beautiful and exciting occasion. However, we want you to be aware of a few guidelines while at the Old Mill. 

Reservations: Call 501-791-8537 ext. 1

Exclusivity: You will have exclusive access to one area within the park during your rental. The rest of the park will be open to the public.

Time Period: You will have a 30 minute time slot for the area which will include your set-up, event, and clean-up. Time slots are available beginning at 10:00 am until one-hour before the park closes.

Rental Area: A paid rental receipt allows the renter exclusive use of the Ceremony Area (shown below) during the 30 minute time slot, any use of another part of the park will be non-exclusive. 

Changing Rooms: The restrooms are the only place to change into and out of wedding clothing. In-between changes, restrooms will remain available and open to the public. 


  • Wedding party and guests should not exceed 20 people total.
  • Park and its features will remain open to the public.
  • No throwing or tossing items (includes, but not limited to rice, birdseed, glitter, etc.).
  • No pets.
  • Renter is not allowed to bring tables, tents, and chairs.
  • Decorations (including but not limited to streamers, silly string, balloons, glitter, etc.) are not allowed. Nothing is allowed to be attached to (by tape, staple, nail, etc.) or hung on any structure, tree, or plant. Exceptions include a few small, self-contained plants or flowers, easel of flowers, self-supporting arch, etc., which must be removed from the area at the end of the rental time period.

Parking: Park in designated on-street areas only. 

Prohibited Items Exception: None. 

Revised: April 2020