Petitions and Permits


While speed humps generally reduce vehicle speeds, they may also create other inconveniences such as increased vehicle noise in the vicinity of speed humps. Also, because of spacing requirements, it is possible that a speed hump, associated pavement markings and signage, as well as restricted parking may be installed adjacent to your property.

Filing a petition for a speed hump on your street will generate a study only if 75% of the residents (fronting the affected street) support the installation of a speed hump. If the study results indicate that requirements for a speed hump are met, it may be installed only if funding is available.

Files and Downloads

(The completed speed hump petition should be emailed or hand delivered to the City Clerk’s Office at 300 Main Street.)

Work Zone Barricade Plan

When a street or lane closing is necessary to complete work, the contractors performing the work must obtain a barricade plan permit from the Traffic Services Department.

Fax or email the completed form to 501-340-5350 or

Barricade Fees

Fees shall be paid for the day, and any fraction of a day, on the following basis:

 Behind the curb$15.00
 One traffic lane$25.00
 Street closure$50.00
 Street closure – Collector$100.00
 Street closure – Arterial$200.00
 Annual Subscription Fee for Barricading $15.00