Special Event Venues

North Little Rock Parks and Recreation has several venues for your event. The tabs below will provide some details about each venue including maps for your site plan and images of the venue. Some parks and areas can be combined for a larger venue.

Special Event Application will be required for rentals open to the public, or meet one or more of the following: need a road or area closed, have an estimated attendance of more than 300 people at one time, have vendors and/or exhibitors selling/soliciting at the rental, or rentals needing multiple consecutive days.

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Venues and Blank Site Maps

Arkansas River Trail
Big Dam Bridge (Cooks Landing) – Site Map
Big Rock Quarry Bike Park (Pump Track)
Burns Park:
     Catfish Road – Site Map
     Covered Bridge
     Disc Golf
     Equestrian Area – Site Map
          2, 3, 4, 5, and 10 – Site Map
          Shelby Smith
          John Irvin
          Eldor Johnson
     Soccer Complex:
          All – Site Map(s)
          Quad 1 – Site Map
          Quad 2 – Site Map
          Quad 3 – Site Map
          Quad 4 – Site Map
     Youth Baseball Complex – Site Map
     High School Baseball Complex – Site Map
     Softball Complex – Site Map
     Shilcutt’s Bayou – Site Map
     Victory Lake – Site Map 
 Campbell Lake Park
Conley Park – Site Map
Faucette Brothers Park – Site Map
Idlewild Park
Levy Park – Site Map
Lorene Joshua Park – Site Map
Melrose Park
Military Heights Park – Site Map
NLR Riverfront Park:
(formerly North Shore Riverwalk Park)
     Overall – Site Map
     Section A – Site Map
     Section B – Site Map
     Section C – Site Map
     AIMM – Site Map
     Boat Launch – Site Map
Riverview Skate Park – Site Map
School Street Park
Sherman Park – Site Map
Stone Links Park – Site Map
Stone Links Cricket Fields
Stone Links Disc Golf
Vestal Park
Witkowski Park – Site Map