Current Bids and Bid Summaries

 Current Bids for North Little Rock

Note to bidders: Please check online or with the Commerce Department

(501) 975-8881 to see if any addendums have been issued before submitting a bid.

17-3500 RFQ for 2018 Professional Services

17-3501 RFQ for 2018 Bond Counsel Services

Summary of Bids for North Little Rock

Q17-03 Lakewood Dam #2 Guard Rail Installation

Bid #17-3468 Roof Replacement at the Rose City Community Center

Bid #17-3469 Levy Parking Lot Construction

Bid #17-3470 Renovation of Restrooms at Fire Station #9

Bid #17-3471 Fiber Installation (Hydro through Burns Park)

Bid #17-3472 McCain Substation Upgrades 

Bid #17-3473 Burns Park Tennis Court Rehabilitation Project

Bid #17-3474 Counts Massie Road Extension 

Bid #17-3475 W.I.C. Clinic Renovation

Bid #17-3476 Street and Utility Improvements 4th, 5th, Poplar & Magnolia Streets

Bid #17-3477 Demolition and Site Clearance of 8 Locations

Bid #17-3478 Neely Road Overlay and Drainage Improvements

Bid #17-3479 Parker Street Improvements

Bid #17-3480  2016 ORGP Burns Park Improvements 

Bid #17-3481 Levy Parking

Bid #17-3482 Eleven Three Phase 15kV Outdoor Circuit Breakers for McCain 115/13.8kV Substation

Bid #17-3483 Three Phase Circuit Switcher for the McCain 115/13.8kV Substation

Bid #17-3484 Demolition & Site Clearance at 5 Locations

Bid #17-3485 General Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus for the NLRFD

Bid #17-3486 Exhaust Removal System for 3 Fire Stations

Bid #17-3487 Transformers for the NLR Electric Department

Bid #17-3488 Electrical Service Upgrade @ Maritime Museum    

Bid #17-3489 New Fiber Installation (City Hall to Faulkner Lake Substation)

Bid #17-3490 HVAC Units for the NLR Street Department

Bid #17-3491 Demo/Site Clearance of 8 Locations

Bid #17-3492 Renovations to Vehicle/Maintenance Garage Building

Bid #17-3493 Two S & C Circuit Switchers for the North Little Rock Electric Department Substations

RFQ #17-3496 Economic Development Services for the City of North Little Rock

Bid #17-3497 Exterior Restoration and Repairs to 3427 N. Magnolia

Bid #17-3498 Main Street Gravity/Pump Station Stormwater Outfall Replacement 

17-3499 Transformers for the North Little Rock Electric Department