Current Bids and Bid Summaries

 Current Bids for North Little Rock

Note to bidders: Please check online or with the Commerce Department

(501) 975-8881 to see if any addendums have been issued before submitting a bid.

17-3472 North Little Rock Electric Department's McCain Substation Upgrades

Summary of Bids for North Little Rock

Bid #17-3450 Trailer Mounted Outdoor Bungee Trampoline Attraction w/Trailer

Bid #17-3451 North Cedar Street Drainage Improvements

Bid #17-3452 Demolition and Site Clearance at 7 Locations 

Bid #17-3453 Short Term Financing for up to $300,000

Bid #17-3454 Renovations to 116 Main Street - Phase 2

Bid #17-3455 LED Nightwatcher for the NLR Electric Department

Bid #17-3456 Flooring Renovations to 140 Riverfront Drive

Bid #17-3457 RFP for Pool Management Services

Bid #17-3458 Trailer Mounted Outdoor Slide with Trailer for use at the NLR P&R Funland

Bid #17-3459 2017 Asphalt Overlay Program

Bid #17-3460 Mosquito Insecticide

Bid #17-3461 Patrick H. Hays Senior Center Indoor Swimming Pool Maintenance 

Bid #17-3462 Inspection & Supplemental Treatement of Wood Poles for NLRED

Bid #17-3463 RFP for Economic Development Consulting Services

Bid #17-3464 Atheltic Field Chemicals and Products for 2017

RFQ #17-3465 Credit Analysis Services for NLRED

Bid #17-3466 Overbrook Drainage Pipe Replacement Project

Bid #17-3467 Demolition and Site Clearance at 3 Locations

Bid #17-3468 Roof Replacement at the Rose City Community Center

Bid #17-3469 Levy Parking Lot Construction

Bid #17-3470 Renovation of Restrooms at Fire Station #9

Bid #17-3471 Fiber Installation (Hydro through Burns Park)

Bid #17-3473 Burns Park Tennis Court Rehabilitation Project