Leaf Pick Up Program

North Little Rock Sanitation Department provides a Leaf Pick Up Program to all residents in the city. Residents have two options for leaf removal. 
Call 501-371-8340 (option 1) for the current location of the leaf trucks.

  1. Bag your leaves: A scheduled, weekly pickup for those who are a bit meticulous and eager to get rid of their leaves.
  2. Loose leaves on the curb: A non-scheduled service provided for those looking to get rid of their leaves and are not in a hurry.

Check the City’s Facebook page for updates.
If you chose to place your loose leaves on the curb for the leaf vacuum truck, there are several things to remember:

  • How fast a truck makes it down a street or through a neighborhood depends on too many unknown factors.  Have the leaves fallen yet? How many residents are participating? Did it rain yesterday? How many trucks have to have their mulchers fixed? These factors vary from day to day and street to street.
  • Four (4) Leaf Vacuum Trucks: The leaf vacuum trucks usually make three runs through the city each season. The trucks pick up leaves in all neighborhoods in the city.
  • Do NOT place Leaves in the Street or Gutter:  The reason the city provides a leaf pick up service is to prevent leaves from getting into the storm water drainage system. The clogged pipes create flooding and contribute to potholes. Leaves should be placed on the curb, making sure they’re not in the street or the gutter
  • “Where are the trucks now?”:  Each week, on the City’s Facebook page, the location the trucks are working will be posted as well as the area the trucks will be working next.
  • Leaves ONLY, Please: Dropping sticks or sneaking in trash under the pile only causes the leaf mulcher on the vacuum truck to break down and delay pick up.


Is this a free service? The service is paid for by tax revenue however, unlike every other city in Pulaski County, there are many services provided by your local government that require an additional fee (permits, electricity, water, sewer, some Parks and Recreation services, etc.) and some that do not (police, fire, sanitation, some Parks and Recreation services, etc.).

When do the leaf vacuum trucks begin pickup up leaves and finish in the spring?  The exact week the trucks begin working the neighborhoods will be posted on the City Facebook page and the City website. Information is updated weekly and the ending pick up information will also be communicated in the same manner.