Wellness Incentive Program

Get your wellness exam anytime to qualify. Steps:

  1. Make a wellness exam appointment with your Primary Care Provider (PCP), a.k.a. your family doctor. Preventative exams completely FREE to you through the Municipal Health Benefit Fund.  
    Don’t have a PCP? Click here to find one in-network or ask  LaKaisha Shelby in Fit2Live for help: 501-442-7406.
  2. Give your provider the 2023 results formAsk them to complete it and mail it to Fit2Live. 
  3. Print and sign the 2023 program release form and send it to LaKaisha Shelby – lshelby@nlr.ar.gov
  4. Once LaKaisha receives the results form from your doctor’s office and your program release form, she will send you your gift cards according to how much you’ve earned! The goal numbers and criteria are outlined in the Program Overview.
  5. Employees who do not qualify for a certain category’s incentive through their first screening may screen again at a later date. Their incentive will be based on improvement to a better category. This is called “Reasonable Alternative.” 
  6. Employee Enrollment Wellness Incentive Form

Wellness Incentive Program Overview

Reasonable Alternatives Outline


Done in a day information graphic


  1. Does the results form have to be filled out by my doctor, or can I fill it out myself with the results given to me? 
    Your doctor’s office must fill out and sign the results form and either mail it to LaKaisha or hand it to you. Forms filled out by you will not be accepted.
  2. Does the form have to be mailed to you from my doctor’s office? My doctor completed it and gave it to me. Can I send it to you? 
    Yes. As long as your doctor completed the form, you can send it in yourself.