NLR Police Featured and Honored

Detective Ashley Noel and Sergeant Carmen Henton were featured and honored.

Detective Ashley Noel

North Little Rock Detective Ashley Noel was one of the featured first responders in the July issue of 501 Life magazine. Thank you for always representing the City of North Little Rock and North Little Rock Police Department with HONOR, INTEGRITY and COMPASSION.

Click this link to view the entire article and additional pictures:

image of 501 Life Magazine Cover

Sergeant Carmen Henton

Congratulations to North Little Rock’s Sergeant Carmen Helton. Thanks for your service in the North Little Rock Police Department and also as a Commissioner for the Arkansas Martin Luther King Commission. As we celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Act, The Arkansas Martin Luther King Commission paid tribute to the trailblazers who fought tirelessly for justice. Their sacrifices and bravery have shaped the path we walk today. We honor their legacy and continue their work with unwavering dedication.

images of Carmen receiving award




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