Mid-City Main Street

North Little Rock Continues Beautification Efforts with Mid-City Main Street Project

Friday, (July 30, 2021)… In the coming weeks you will see changes in North Little Rock’s newest beautification effort from 13th and Main Streets continuing to 24th and Main Streets which will be called Mid-City Main Street Beautification Project, a revitalization effort where our city began. Mayor Terry Hartwick is committed to bridging the beautification efforts in Argenta and Park Hill by reviving the section of Main Street that is an anchor of our city. The Mayor’s love for North Little Rock is exciting! The vision for the Mid-City Main Street Beautification Project is a well-kept street for both residents as well as visitors to our city. The project will entail some aesthetic changes to the sidewalks, lights, and green areas and will encourage a renewed atmosphere of pride and ownership for businesses and residents.

The new Justice Center, a modern, state-of-the-art facility which represents North Little Rock’s commitment to public safety, schools, large and small businesses, churches, an eclectic group of restaurants, and historic structures are all represented on Main Street, making it an integral part of our city.  Business and property owners in Mid-City Main Street are excited about this project and have begun implementing projects on their property.