NOVAtime University

Whether you are new to NOVAtime or you just need a refresher, there are many resources available to meet your needs. 

Videos: Administrator, Supervisor, Employee training videos are available on demand via several  options. More videos are added regularly, so check back often to see what’s new.   

  1. Videos on NOVAtime’s Ongoing Education page can be your one-stop-shop for your training needs.   
    Login from  
    Login: n0v@users 
    Password: n0v@sch00l  (all 0=zero) 
  2. Videos from your NOVAtime database:  NT5000 Users now have access to training videos from the Help button in the top left corner of your NOVAtime page. Chapter 5 Video Training Library contains links to many of the training videos.   
  3. Videos for download:  If YouTube is blocked  by your organization, you can download individual videos from this webpage.

Webinars: Webinars are regularly offered on popular topics  including: Basic Supervisory,  Training, Payroll, and Reporting.  A list of upcoming webinars with registration links are listed in the Customer Support pages (see #1 for login information).   The NOVAnews also has a list of upcoming webinars.   

NOVAnews: Subscribe to the NOVAnews to sign up for training opportunities, and to stay up-to-date with important news on product updates, enhancements, and announcements. 

Forum: Our customer-driven forum provides a place to ask questions, submit suggestions, and connect with other NOVAtime customers. Visit


General Supervisor Overview
Supervisor Web Services User Guide
Supervisor Web Services Manual
Supervisor Timesheet Review and Approval
Supervisor Approving Leave Requests
Employee Web Services Manual
Employee Login and Punching Timesheet
Employee Requesting Leave Process
NOVAtime Online Help How-To
NOVAtime Training Videos

Training Videos

1. NOVAtime 5000 Demo
2.  How to log into Empolyee Web Services for the first time
3.  Changing Password
4.  Clocking In and Out
5.  Department Transfer
6.  Entering expenses into NOVAtime
7.  Requesting time off
8.  Time Distribution
9.  Submitting a timesheet
10. Entering leave directly on timesheet
11.  Entering time into hourly timesheet
12.  Adding notes to timesheet
13.  Editing timesheets

NOVAmobile App Videos

1.  NOVAmobile Application Registration
2.  iPhone Clock In and Out
3.  iPhone Job Transfer
4.  iPhone View Timesheet
5.  iPhone View Accruals and Schedules
6.  iPhone Submit Timesheet

7.  NOVAmobile-Using the Mobile App
8.  NOVAmobile-Team Punch

NOVAtime NT7000 Clock

1.  NT7000-Supervisor Enrollment
2.  NT7000-Clocking In and Out
3.  NT7000-View Timesheets
4.  NT7000-Department Transfer
5.  NT7000-Request Time Off

NOVAAtime Supervisor Videos

1.  NOVAtime 5000 Demo
2.  Employee General Overview
3.  Summary Tab Overview
4a.  NOVAtime SaaS Supervisor Training part 1
4b.  NOVAtime SaaS Supervisor Training part​ 2
4c.  NOVAtime SaaS Supervisor Training part​ 3
4d.  NOVAtime SaaS Supervisor Training part​ 4
4e.  NOVAtime SaaS Supervisor Training part​ 5
5.  Delegation for Supervisors
6.  Approving Employee Leave Requests
7.  Detail Timesheet vs Hourly Timesheet
8.  Overview of Attendance-Time Sheet Tab
9.  Reviewing Missed Punches and other exceptions
10.  Identifying & Fixing Missed Punches
11.  Insert-Report
12.  Multi-Add Button
13.  Approving Timesheets
14.  Modifying and Existing Punch
15.  Entering Leave Directly on Timesheet
16a.  Mastering Schdules Using Templates and Free From part 1
16b.  Mastering Schdules Using Templates and Free From part​ 2
16c.  Mastering Schdules Using Templates and Free From part​ 3
17.  Scheduling Employees Using Scheduler_Recap
18.  Scheduling-Copying Schedules on Scheduler_Recap
19.  Scheduling Using Copy Schedule Multiple to Copy One Week In Scheduler_Recap
20.  Scheduling Using Copy Schedule Multiple to Copy a Custom Date Range in Scheduler_Recap
21.  Scheduling Using Copy Employee Button on Scheduler_Recap
22.  Scheduling Using Freeform Schedules
23.  Scheduling Using Template Schedules
24.  Scheduling-Scheduler_Recap Overview
25.  Reprting 101
26a.  NOVA Basics part 1
26b.  NOVA Basics part 2

NOVAtime Training Documents

1.  NOVAtime Employee Web Service Manual
2.  NOVAtime Supervisor Web Service Manual
3.  NOVAtime University New Navigation Dashboard
4.  NOVAtime 5000 SWS Dashboard New Navigation
5.  Supervisor Web Service New Dashboard