The North Little Rock Fire Department consists of four main divisions:

Administration | Fire Marshal’s Office | Public Information Office | Battalion Chiefs


Fire Chief – Chief Gerald Tucker
723 N. Maple St.
North Little Rock, AR 72114
Phone: 501-340-5385
Fax: 501-340-5391

Chief Tucker was hired by the N.L.R. Fire Department on March 21, 1990. He has been both a paid and volunteer firefighter with 43 years of service. He served as the Fire Department Training Captain for 16 years before being promoted to to Assistant Chief in 2016. He was chosen by Mayor Joe Smith to lead the department in 2017. Chief Tucker is a U.S. Air Force veteran who was called from inactive reserve status to full time active duty for Operation Desert Storm.

Assistant Chief Rick Albers– 501-340-5383

Chief Albers was hired in 1990 and moved up through the ranks promoting to Battalion Chief in March of 2018 and then to Assistant Chief in September of 2022. He is a Special Operations Team Member and a multi-disciplined Rescue Technician in the following specialties: Rope, Trench, Confined Space, Structural Collapse and Swift Water. He is also an EMT and a certified Fire Instructor. Chief Albers is a US Air Force Veteran, serving four years as a Titan II Launch Crew Member.

Training Captain – Captain Jon Miller – 501-340-5386

Jon Miller began his career as a Firefighter September 22, 1997. He has been  a Paramedic since October 2000. He promoted to Lieutenant June 1, 2006 and then later promoted to Captain July 1, 2015.  Captain Miller became the Training Captain May 28, 2022.

He also is a Hazardous Materials Technician and Special Operations Rescue Technician specializing in high angle rescue, confined space rescue, trench rescue and structural collapse rescue.

He serves on the Task Force 1 Central Arkansas Urban Search and Rescue Team and he holds a Fire Science Degree. He is now a Paramedic/EMT and fire Instructor.

photo of Brian Poe

Staff Captain – Captain Brian Poe, 501-340-5410

Captain Brian Poe was hired July 29th, 2002. After serving as a firefighter and Lieutenant throughout the years, he was promoted to Captain in 2023 and assigned to the Administration/Staff Captain position on January 8th, 2024. He is the Department Recruiter, Hazmat Coordinator, GIS Coordinator, maintains the department’s computer programs and department needs. Captain Poe is also the Fire Department’s liaison to the NLR Communication Center. He is a Hazardous Material Technician, Special Operations Technician, and Pro Board certified Incident Safety Officer.

Executive Secretary – Cindy Yancey, 501-340-5378

Cindy has been with the NLRFD since November 1998. She serves as both the Fire Chief’s assistant and the HR, payroll contact for NLRFD personnel and manages all accounts payables.

Office Assistant – Sandra West

Sandra joined the NLRFD in July of 2021. She assists the staff with daily maintenance records, department inventory, and medical supply inventory for all of the fire stations. Sandra also assists the staff with various tasks such as fire incident reporting, inspection reporting and other associated clerical duties. Sandra greets all visitors to Central Fire Station, directs calls and provides information to the citizens and community of North Little Rock. Sandra has a Bachelor’s Degree in Management Information Systems from UALR.


Location: 3417 Magnolia Street
Phone: 501-340-5370
Fax: 501-812-5944

The Fire Marshal’s Office (FMO) is responsible for coordinating fire prevention programs and public education. This includes presenting fire safety presentations, fire extinguisher training, and children’s fire safety outreach. It conducts investigations to determine origin and cause of fires. It investigates arson and pursues criminal prosecution in conjunction with the NLR Detective’s Office. The FMO represents the Fire Department at Planning Commission and Development Review Committee meetings. It is responsible for review of construction, alarm and sprinkler plans. It conducts on-site inspections to ensure fire code compliance for new construction, remodels, sprinkler systems, alarm systems and kitchen suppression systems.

Fire Marshal – Chief Brent Almon, 501-812-5940

Chief Almon has been with the North Little Rock Fire Department since May 12, 1994. He is a certified Fire Investigator and life safety code inspector. His primary responsibilities are building plan review, issuing permits, maintenance of property and inspection records.

photo of G Williams

Assistant Fire Marshal – Captain Gary Williams, 501-812-5941

Gary Williams was hired in August of 2000 for the North Little Rock Fire Department.  Currently serving as Captain in The Fire Marshal’s office.  He is a certified Fire Investigator and Life Safety Code Inspector. His primary responsibilities are fire investigations and on-site inspections to ensure fire code compliance for new construction, remodels, sprinkler systems, alarm systems and kitchen suppression systems. Captain Williams is also a Public Information Officer for the North Little Rock Fire Department.  He is a married Father of three (3) and Grandfather of Two (2) and enjoys life spending time with his family and serving others by way of public service.  He explains some of the best experiences in his life has been having the opportunity to meet good people and form great relationships.  In closing, he shares “Life is short, live well”.

photo of Bryson

Deputy Fire Marshal – Lieutenant Daniel Bryson 501-812-5942

Lt. Bryson joined the North Little Rock Fire Department on 04-15-1999. He is a certified Fire Investigator and life safety code inspector.  Lt. Bryson is also an EMT.  His primary responsibilities are food truck inspections, daycare inspections, school inspections, fire safety surveys and public education.


photo of G Williams

Captain Gary Williams serves as NLRFD’s Public Information Officer (PIO). This office is responsible for disseminating information to the public and the media.

Captain Gary Williams 501-680-2624 or email


Six Battalion Chiefs command their respective crews. Each shift consists of 11 stations and 14 units. Battalion Chiefs direct and supervise the fire fighting force, including emergency incidents involving structure fires, hazardous materials response, river incidents, vehicle accidents, emergency medical response and lifesaving rescue work. Each Battalion Chief brings with them many years of emergency and management experience.

photo of Ricky Cranford

A Crew Battalion Chief – Ricky Cranford

Ricky Cranford was promoted to Battalion Chief January 2024.  He is a Haz-Mat Technician, EMT Certified and a board member of the Arkansas Firefighter Museum and Education Center.  He is the North Little Rock Fire Department’s first African-American Chief.  

Chief Cranford was hired April 3, 1996. After serving as a firefighter and Lieutenant throughout the years, he was promoted to Administrative Staff Captain in 2015. During his tenure as Staff Captain he became the department recruiter, hazmat coordinator, overseer of department computers, incident reporting software and department radios along with many other roles for the department.

A Crew Battalion Chief – Mark Shoemaker

Chief Mark E. Shoemaker began his career with the North Little Rock Fire Department in 1997.  Chief Shoemaker was promoted to Battalion Chief in March of 2022.  He is the city’s first Paramedic Battalion Chief.  He has certifications for Chief Fire Officer, Public Information Officer as well as an IFSAC certified Incident Safety Officer.  He is a certified Fire Inspector and Investigator.  He has been the recipient of the Carnahan Wilhite Award for his work in Public Fire Safety and Education.  He is a Special Operations Team Member and a multi-disciplined Rescue Technician and Haz Mat Technician.  He is a Nationally Certified Paramedic, ACLS and CPR Instructor and is an IFSAC certified Fire Instructor.

Photo of josh Cox

B Crew Battalion Chief – Josh Cox

Battalion Chief Josh Cox is a 3rd generation firefighter. Chief Cox began his career with the North Little Rock Fire Department in 2004 and quickly advanced through the ranks to become the youngest Battalion Chief in the history of the department. Gaining a reputation as an aggressive fire officer with a knack for teaching firefighting skills, Chief Cox has spent his career assigned to some of the highest performing engine companies in the city. Chief Cox is credited with the creation of the departments new hire orientation program, the first versions of the departments system for tracking staffing and accountability, and during COVID was charged with the creation and implementation of the department’s first firefighter I & II class in nearly 30 years. He is an alumni of the departments first S School and is a certified technician in rope rescue, trench, confined space, and structural collapse. He is a member of the Arkansas Task Force 1 Urban Search and Rescue team and teaches fire attack and standpipe operations throughout the country. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management with a minor in Fire Service Management.

B Crew Battalion Chief – Wesley Stephens

Chief Stephens was hired in 2002 and was promoted to Battalion Chief in 2022.  Chief Stephens was a member and chairman of the departments Minimum Standards and Training Committee for 17 years. He is a certified Incident Safety officer as well as a certified Fire Investigator.  He is a certified instructor with the Arkansas Fire academy where he teaches Rescue Technician classes throughout the state.  He is a certified Rescue Specialist in Rope, Water, Confined Space, Trench, Structural Collapse, and Vehicle & Machinery. Chief Stephens also is a Task Force Leader with the States Urban Search and Rescue team Arkansas Task Force 1.  He serves as a team leader on the Blue Team which is responsible for water rescue deployments through the state and in bordering states for hurricane and flood response.  He is also a founding member of the Arkansas HSART which is a specialized rescue team consisting of members from the Arkansas Army National Guard and AR-TF1 that specializes in aquatic and wilderness rescue from helicopters.  Chief Stephens also maintains a seat on the Arkansas Senate subcommittee for Search and Rescue and is a regular speaker and instructor at the annual Arkansas Fire Convention.  

C Crew Battalion Chief – Heath Hoops

Chief Heath Hoops is a graduate of Catholic High in Little Rock and was hired in April of 1997.  He is a Special Operations Team Member and a multi-disciplined Rescue Technician; Rope Rescue, Trench Rescue, Confined Space Rescue, Structural Collapse Rescue and Swift Water Rescue.  He is also a member of Arkansas Task Force 1, USAR Team, and an Emergency Medical Technician.  He was promoted to Lieutenant in 2005, Captain in 2012, and Battalion Chief in 2022.

photo of Jeff Bennett

C Crew Battalion Chief – Jeff Bennett

Chief Bennett started his career in 1997. He was promoted to Battalion Chief in 2022. He is a Hazardous Material Technician, and a member of the Special Operation team with Core, High Angle Rope Rescue. Structural Collapse, Confined Space, and Trench Rescue Certifications. He is a member of the Central Arkansas Task Force USAR team and is EMT Certified.