Animal-Related Businesses

Animal establishment means any pet shop, kennel, grooming shop, auction, performing animal exhibition, or other facility engaged in the handling of animals. Licensed veterinarians, veterinary clinics and hospitals performing only those functions that are necessary or incidental to the practice of veterinary medicine are expressly excluded and are not intended to be considered as an animal establishment within the context of this definition.

No person shall operate an animal establishment without first obtaining a permit from the animal control authority in compliance with this article, nor may any person operate an animal establishment in a manner in violation of any provision of this chapter.

The permit period for a permit under this article shall begin with the first day of the calendar year and shall run for one year. Renewal applications for permits shall be made 30 days prior to and up to 60 days after January 1 of each year. Application for a new establishment under the provisions of this article shall be made within 60 days of the start of business or operation.

Every facility regulated by this article shall be considered a separate enterprise, requiring an individual permit (e.g., two kennels at different locations but owned by the same person shall be considered as two animal establishments).

Each animal establishment shall annually file an application for permit with the animal control authority within the time periods provided.

The application for a permit under this article shall be made on a form provided by the animal control authority and available from the authority or the city clerk’s office.

Upon receipt of a completed application for a permit under this article, the animal control authority shall make an inspection of the facility to ensure that all animals are provided for in a humane manner and that the establishment is in compliance with all provisions of this chapter. The animal control authority shall be permitted to make such inspection at any reasonable time during normal business hours.

The animal control authority shall either issue a permit to the applicant for an animal establishment or, if a permit is not granted, the animal control authority shall notify the applicant in writing of the specific reasons for denial.

Any animal establishment denied a permit may not reapply for a period of at least 30 days. Each reapplication shall describe any previous denial or revocation.

If an applicant for a permit under this article is shown to have withheld or falsified any material information on the application, the animal control authority may refuse to issue or may revoke a permit.


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