Animal Control


Animal Control offers animal traps free of charge to residents who are having difficulty with stray/feral dogs and cats, or skunks near their house. Contact Animal Control for more information, 501-791-8577. 


All dogs and cats (even indoor pets) must be given a yearly rabies vaccination by a licensed veterinarian. You must also license your pet. You can purchase your yearly City License at your veterinarian’s office or at the Animal Shelter. 


NLR Friends of Animals has a Spay/Neuter program to help NLR residents sterilize their pets at a reduced cost. Contact Animal Services for more information.

Per state law, all our Animal Shelter pets are spayed/neutered before going to their new home. The adoption fee covers the cost of this service.


License and Vaccination – Dogs and cats must be given a yearly rabies vaccination by a licensed veterinarian, as well as have a current City License, which can also be purchased at a veterinarian’s office or at the Animal SHelter. Rabies vaccinations purchased from co-ops and given by the owners are not recognized by either city or state law. 

Litter/Breeder License – If you intend to breed your dog in NLR, you must first get a Breeder’s permit or Litter License permit from Animal Control. Your dog(s) must be current on rabies vaccinations and have a current City License. Animal Control will have to come out to your residence and inspect where you are keeping the dog(s) that require the permit.

Animal Neglect – Part of Animal Control’s responsibility is to ensure that animals in the city are treated in a humane manner. All animals must have adequate food, water, and shelter, and be kept in sanitary conditions. Owners can receive citations for neglect if animals are found in their possession without the above requirements. If you suspect someone of animal neglect, please call Animal Control at (501) 791-8577.

Dog Confinement – Dogs must be confined at all times, either on a trolley system  (a cord/wire strung at least 4 feet in the air, and at least 10 feet apart between two points), on a leash with a handler walking the dog, in a house or building, or inside a fenced-in area. Owners of dogs found running at larger (loose) or confined illegally are subject to citations.

Barking and Howling – Excessive dog barking is one of the most frequent complaints received by Animal Control. A constantly barking dog can become a nuisance to neighbors, interrupting their daily lives or keeping them from sleeping well. It is the owner’s responsibility to keep a dog from barking to the extent that it disturbs their neighbors. Bark collars or barking management systems can be purchased at local pet stores if your dog is barking excessively. For after-hours complaints on barking dogs, call the NLRPD at 501-758-1234.

Running at Large – North Little Rock has a leash law. All dogs must be confined at all times on a leash with a responsible handler, in a fenced in yard, or on a trolley system.  Chickens and other fowl must be kept in a coop or pen. There are no ordinances regarding cats at large.

Banned Breed Ordinance – In 2005, the City imposed a complete ban on Bully Breed dogs. Animal Control asks that you do not bring prohibited dogs into the city, as we are then required to seize them as illegal animals. If you are unsure whether your dog falls under this ban, please call or visit Animal Control and we will tell you if your dog will be allowed into the city. We will not seize the dog if you are honestly seeking to find out if you are allowed to bring it into our city, unless you then bring the dog back into the city if it does fall under the Banned Breed Ordinance.

Chicken Ordinance – Residents are allowed to keep chickens if they pass the space requirements. The planned chicken coop must be at least 75 feet from any neighboring residence or building. If you meet the requirement, you will be given a permit from Animal Control (annual renewal required) that must then be filed with the City Clerk’s office, at a cost of $10 per year. Chickens must be kept in a coop at all times. Roosters are not allowed in North Little Rock.


Q. I have an animal emergency (such as a dog bite, injured animal, or wildlife in my house). What do I do?
A. If your emergency is during the day, call 501-791-8577 and report it to Animal Control.  If your emergency is after hours, you can call 501-758-1234 and report it to the Police Department and they will dispatch it to Animal Control.

Q. There is a stray animal in my neighborhood. What do I do?    
A. Please report it to Animal Control at 501-791-8577, along with a description of the animal, where it was last seen or where it is staying, and the address of an owner if it is known.