Demolition of Old City Services Building

Mayor Hartwick began the demolition of the old City Services Building this morning. The now vacant structure, located at 120 Main Street in North Little Rock was built in 1966 as First American National Bank and later purchased by the City of North Little Rock in 1998 to use as a one-stop-shop to pay your utilities as well as visit the Finance, Planning, Human Resources, Commerce, and IT departments. Some employees from the North Little Rock Electric Department were also housed in that building as well. The former City Services Building at 120 Main Street is approximately 40,000 square feet and the building/drive-thru located at 116 Main Street sitting immediately behind is approximately 2,600 square feet. Both of these buildings will be demolished in less than 75 days. The demolition of these structures will allow for future development downtown near the river. (Note: All of these departments and additional departments were relocated to the new City Service Building in 2023. The new City Services Building is located at 700 West 29th Street).

aerial photo of City Services Building
mayor walking toward building
mayor on bulldozer doing demo



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