Storm Damage Updates

July 6 – Update 4:00 pm: The North Little Rock Sanitation crews are working diligently to ensure that all yard waste and storm damage is being picked up as soon as possible. As you may already know, some areas of the city were hit harder than others and it requires more effort in those area to pick up the debris as fast as we would like too. But please be assured, we are making every effort to service each and every resident as quickly and as safely as possible. Your patience would be greatly appreciated.

July 5 – Update 3:45 pm: We have isolated the outage and were able to restore power to over 600 customers. The remaining 120+ customers will remain out until we repair the infrastructure damage cause by the downed tree. These repairs could take until nightfall or longer. We appreciate your patience!

July 5 – Update 2:45 pm: We currently have a circuit out due to a downed tree and a broken pole. We are working to re-route power to restore some customers before we begin infrastructure repair. Also, because of this outage, our phone payment system is currently not working. Online payments are still available. We currently have a large outage in the Downtown North Little Rock area. A lineman has been dispatched.

July 2 – Update 2:15 pm: ATTENTION: Our Outage Map is back!

Outage map:

Since its introduction, the NLRED Outage Map has been a critical tool for not only customer communications, but also in our outage restoration process. Unfortunately, it was during our department’s largest outage to date when the map started operating in a way it was not originally designed. Rest assured, NLRED never wants this to happen again and are taking the appropriate actions to hopefully make this a one-time event. We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused.

Customers that have been assessed as “needing an electrician” will not appear on the Outage Map, only actual outages that need repaired/restored at this time by NLRED.

Thank you!

July 1 – Update 3:45 pm: ATTENTION: As of this afternoon, we have restored power to all customers that were able to receive electricity (no electrician needed).

If for some reason you are still without power, and not needing an electrician, we ask that you either call 501-975-8888 (Press 4 for after hours) or complete this form online:

Thank you and please share this information!

July 1 – Update 7:15 am: We are currently reporting around 75 outages in our service area. Over 20 of those are customers who will need to hire an electrician before we can restore their power. Some of those customers were not aware they needed to hire an electrician, so please visually check to see if your meter loop is damaged. ATTENTION: Do not go near any downed wire, attempt to make repairs, or touch any exposed wires.

If there is damage to your meter loop, the property owner will need to hire a licensed electrician before power can be restored. Click on the link below to find out if the damage is actually the property owner’s responsibility and the appropriate steps needed to restore power


June 30 – Update 1:15 pm: Total 122 Outages (15 Sherwood, 107 NLR)

June 30 – Update 11:30 am: Total 145 Outages (20 Sherwood, 125 NLR)

The City of North Little Rock has two sanitation trucks available for residents to dispose of food waste due to the power outage on Sunday, June 25. Both trucks will be available at the locations listed below until 3:00 pm this Saturday, July 1st.


  • 6800 Indian Hills Drive – Indian Hill Elementary School on the south side parking lot of the school adjacent to Wigwam Street.
  • 2105 Highway 161 in Rose City across the street from the Sonic drive-thru and on the same side of the street as the Family Dollar store.

June 30 – Update 8:30 am: Total 171 Outages (20 Sherwood. 151 NLR)

June 29 – Update 4:30 pm: 296 Outages (31 Sherwood, 265 NLR)

June 29 – Update 2:00 pm: 303 Outages (30 Sherwood, 273 NLR)

June 29 – Update 12:10 pm: 311 Outages (30 Sherwood, 281 NLR)

June 29 – Update 11:00 am: 350 Outages (51 Sherwood, 299 NLR)

June 29 – Update 10:30 am: 434 outages (74 Sherwood, 360 NLR)

  • Cooling center is available at the North Little Rock Community Center at 2700 Willow Street
  • After Sunday’s storms left the Indian Hills Kroger store in North Little Rock without power, they allowed the Arkansas Foodbank to rescue food from the coolers and freezers that was at risk of going bad. The Arkansas Foodbank was able to rescue 76,833 pounds of perishable food, including meat, dairy, eggs, and more. They are working to quickly distribute this food to support those who lost power in the recent storms. This food is available to anyone. — This food distribution is hosted by Vine and Village Little Rock and is available today at 6221 Colonel Glenn Road in Little Rock. Food provided by Indian Hills Kroger in North Little Rock.
infographic about arkansas food bank disribution

June 29 – Update 9:30 am: 622 outages (104 Sherwood, 518 NLR)

June 29 – Update 8:09 am: 780 outages (104 Sherwood, 676 NLR)

June 28 – Update 4:15 pm: down to 1,557 outages

June 28 – Update 3:15 pm: down to 1,620 outages

June 28 – Update 1:15 pm: now down to 1,848 outages

June 28 – Update 11:30 am: Now down to 2,100 outages

June 28 – Update 9:30 am: We currently have around 2,300 outages. All circuits are back up, so this is unfortunately where the process will feel like its slowing down. We are now working all the ‘smaller’ outages (laterals, transformers, services lines, etc.). If all your neighbors have electricity, please report your outage at 501-975-8888 (Press 1) or use online outage form at It appears the biggest obstacle today will be the heat, for not only our employees, but also for our customers. We know it is hot, so we will continue to ask for your patience and understanding. We will continue to share cooling center locations when they are provided.

We will continue to work as quickly and safely as possible to ALL customers have been restored.

June 27 – Update 7:30 pm: We are down to 2,600 outages

June 27 – Update 2:30 pm: 90 more restored on Pawnee and Navajo Trail. Total of 3,500 outages
Two sanitation trucks will be available for residents for the disposal of food waste due to the power outage. Both trucks will be available until 3:00 pm this Friday afternoon at: 6800 Indian Hills Drive – Indian Hill Elementary School on the south side parking lot of the school adjacent to Wigwam Street.
2105 Highway 161 in Rose City across the street from the Sonic drive-thru and on the same side of the street as the Family Dollar store.

June 27 – Update 1:30 pm: 437 restored in the Kellogg Acres area

June 27 – Update 11:45 am: 110 restored on Landers Road; 70 restored near 38th and Crutcher

June 27 – Update 11:00am: 750 restored near Wewoka and Mission Road. Sanitation truck will be placed at Indian Hills Elementary School for residents to utilize for spoiled food.

June 27 – Update 9:30 am: Last night we restored around 1,500 customers (Levy, west of Pike to the river). 600 more customer received power this morning in the Indian Hills area. We currently have around 4,000 customers still without electricity. Throughout the day, several customers currently with power could see a short disruption in order for us to safely perform infrastructure repairs. Thank you again for your patience.

June 26 – Update 4:30 pm: A BIG THANK YOU to the employees at North Little Rock Electric Department! In less than 24 hours, they restored power to almost 20,000 customers! Please know NLR Electric, Jonesboro Electric, Bentonville Electric and several private contractors are working to restore power to the remaining 7,500 customers without power.

June 26 – Update 3:45 pm: Over 900outages were restored in Sherwood near the Harmon Recreation Center.
450 outages have been restored from 8th Street to 15th Street.
300 outages were restored in the North Hills/John F. Kennedy area and toward Club Road.

June 26 – Update 1:45 pm: Almost 500 outages restored in the Riverfront area.

June 26 – Update 1:30 pm: The City of North Little Rock has opened a Cooling Center for residents affected by the storm on Sunday, June 25, 2023 at the North Little Rock Community Center located at 2700 Willow Street. The Cooling Center will remain open throughout the evening for residents. Vending machines are available. Pets are allowed. Please call the Community Center at 501-791-8541 if you have questions regarding the Cooling Center.

June 26 – Update 11:30 am: Approximately 16,000 outages. (Numbers could fluctuate throughout the day.)
Some traffic lights are out. Placing temporary STOP signs and generators. 
We currently have 15 broken electrical poles.
Jonesboro and Bentonville Electric Departments are helping in our city.
Please be patient with electrical workers. They are working hard to restore power throughout our city.

June 26 – Update 10:45 am: Just restored 700 outages in Park Hill area.

June 26 – UPDATE 10:30 am: Just restored 714 outages near MacArthur Drive and Landski.

June 26 – UPDATE 9:30 AM: Last night 27,000 residents lost power. Thanks to the diligent work overnight of the NLR Electric Department, we currently have 19,000 without power. Updates will be provided throughout the day.



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