New Trucks and Bins

The City of North Little Rock began using the new, side-loading sanitation trucks and trash containers in December 2022.

“We are pleased to provide this service, free to all single-family residents in our city. All sanitation department workers will keep their job through this process and will be utilized in the future,” shared Mayor Terry Hartwick.

  • Residents that have not received a new trash container should contact the NLR Sanitation Department at 501-906-6327 or
  • If your container is damaged or you would like to request an additional container, contact the sanitation department.
  • Leave your old container on the street if you would like the sanitation department to remove it. Be sure to check the box on the sticker placed on the container by the sanitation department or make a note and attach it to the can.
  • Remember:
    • Place the new trash container on a flat surface, close to the street.
    • Place the container at least three feet from anything.
    • Place the opening of the container toward the street.
    • Place all trash inside the container, loose or bagged.
  • Residents are asked to be patient during this transition.




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