Mayor Hartwick Announces Diversity Equity Inclusion Alliance

North Little Rock Mayor Hartwick Premiers Diversity Equity Inclusion Alliance 

Mayor Terry Hartwick held a news conference in the lobby of City Hall in North Little Rock on Tuesday, November 2, 2021 at 11:30 am to announce the creation of the North Little Rock Diversity Equity Inclusion Alliance. Mayor Terry Hartwick made a campaign commitment to unify North Little Rock making it a more diverse place and inclusive to everyone in the city from the workplace to the communities served. After research, surveys and planning, Mayor Hartwick is fulfilling that commitment. The North Little Rock Diversity Equity Inclusion Alliance (NLRDEI Alliance) will be directed by Dr. Arnessa Bennett, Director of Special Projects for the Mayor’s office. “It is an honor to make history again in the city of North Little Rock. Our Mayor has true vision and insight to what this city needs at this point in time. I am excited about the projects we have planned and the future of our City!” shared Dr. Bennett. “Our City deserves the best for all of our neighborhoods, residents and employees. I want to make sure all voices are included and heard in North Little Rock.” Mayor Hartwick stated.

The North Little Rock Diversity Equity Inclusion Alliance (NLRDEI Alliance) will have a citywide focus. The mission of NLRDEI Alliance is to support an inclusive workplace and community by building a diverse fellowship of cultural and social events through ongoing Diversity Equity Inclusion training and information inclusive to all North Little Rock City employees and community. The NLRDEI Alliance’s vision is “Respect each other, Listen to each other, and Embrace different cultures.”

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