Does Your Organization NALC?

Does Your Organization NALC?
Posted on 01/01/2015

There are more than twenty-five active neighborhood associations, community development corporations, crime watches, and property owners associations in North Little Rock. Since you are getting this newsletter you are probably familiar with at least one group in your neighborhood. These groups hold regular meetings and discuss neighborhood issues.

Did you know there is also a group made up of representatives of those neighborhood associations? We have the Neighborhood Associations Leadership Council (NALC) made up of representatives of our neighborhood groups. Each president of a neighborhood association, c.d.c., crime watch or p.o.a. is welcome to come, or they can appoint a representative from their group. NALC meets once a month in the Neighborhood Services office.

Besides giving group leaders the opportunity to meet with other neighborhood associations, meetings include guest speakers talking about city departments/policies and group organizing ideas. NALC’s main purpose is to look at issues that affect neighborhoods city-wide and offer ideas and solutions for those issues. NALC also serves as a sounding board where groups can solicit support if there is a particular problem in a neighborhood that would benefit from wider exposure and broader support from other groups. Mayor Smith is very interested in NALC and in having a council that can give feedback on city issues, city policies, and city performance.

Is your group represented at NALC? If not, why not? Every neighborhood group should have a seat at this important table. Talk to your group leadership about this opportunity.