Pension Plan for Non-Uniformed Employees

North Little Rock City employees contribute a mandatory five percent (5.25%) of their wages each pay period to their share of the Retirement System of the City of North Little Rock. This contribution cannot be canceled and remains in effect as long as you are employed with the City.

In addition, the City contributes the equivalent of 12.35% of your wages to the pension plan. 

For more details on the City of North Little Rock Non-Uniformed Pension plan, please download and print out this brochure

If you need to change your pension beneficiary, please fill out this form and return it to your payroll clerk 

Use this Pension Calculator to estimate the monthly pension benefit you would receive at the retirement age you specify. 

To check the exact balance of your pension account, please contact the Human Resources department.


Julie Fisher, Human Resources, Chief Administrator/Benefits Manager, 501-975-8855

Pension Plan for Uniformed Employees (LOPFI)

Pensions for uniformed employees are administered by LOPFI, the Arkansas Local Police and Fire Retirement System. 

Essential information for current and retired uniformed employees is available at the LOPFI website


Betty Anderson, Human Resources Director, 501-975-8855

Voluntary Deferred Compensation (457) Retirement Savings Plans

A 457 deferred compensation plan is a retirement savings plan that allows public employees to set aside money from each paycheck pre-tax for retirement. 

A 457 plan can help you:

  • Bridge the gap between your retirement income needs and what you will get from your pension and Social Security
  • Make all contributions pre-tax
  • Grow your savings tax-deferred, meaning you don't pay taxes until you start to make withdrawals, typically in retirement
  • Create a long-term investment strategy

The City of North Little Rock works with two different deferred compensation plan providers: Nationwide Retirement Solutions and the Arkansas Diamond Deferred Compensation Plan.


Keith Orr, Nationwide Retirement Solutions, (479) 209-0787

Arkansas Diamond Deferred Compensation Plan, (800) 905-1833

Social Security & Medicare

Social Security Administration Retirement Planner

Medicare Information

Medicare & You Handbook