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Cold Case Investigations is responsible for the reopening and investigation of older, unsolved cases that occurred in North Little Rock. The unit is made up of retired North Little Rock Police officers who have agreed to volunteer their expertise in helping solve these cases.

The Cold Case investigators primarily focus their efforts on unsolved homicides and rapes. These investigators examine and submit evidence for testing to the state crime lab for new testing using modern techniques, especially in the field of DNA.

To this date, the unit has investigated over 85 cold cases. 50 of these have been sexual assualt cases, 15 of which had evidence suitable for modern DNA testing.

Cold Case investigators may be reached at 501-812-2591


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In September of 2004, the North Little Rock Police Department started a pilot program designed to reduce the number of open investigations by using retired law enforcement officers to supplement the existing group of investigators. The task of these retired officers was to review cold case homicide files in an attempt to solve them by using modern science and investigation techniques.

The idea was born in late 2003 by Captain Charles Mask (ret.) who was the head of the Investigations Division at the time. Captain Mask directed the Crimes Against Persons Unit to gather up all of the open case files, making sure they had as much of the original files as possible. The investigators would then work on each case when time would allow. In the meantime, Captain Mask began contacting retired North Little Rock Police officers to seek out interested individuals who would be willing to volunteer their expertise and help solve some of these cold cases.

The first to volunteer in 2004 was retired NLRPD sergeant James "Butch" Swain. Then under the direction of Captain Leonard Montgomery, the cold case squad was officially in operation. Since then, three more retired officers, Al "Big Al" Schultz from NLRPD, Bob Scott from Jacksonville PD, and Del Geiber from the VA Police, joined the team. To this date, they have solved 6 cold cases and have evidence pending at the state crime lab that they hope will lead to the identification of more perpertrators in other cold cases. Under the guidance of Captain Montgomery, the NLRPD cold case team has been awarded a federal grant to use for cold case investigation.

What exactly is a "cold case"?

Cold cases are reported incidents of crime that were not solved during the initial investigation. These cases are typically fairly old, some having occured as long as twenty years ago. Homicides are the most commom types of cases worked by the cold case investigators as there is no statute of limitations on when a person can be charged for committing this crime. The other most investigated type of crime is rape, as the statute of limitations on this type of crime is 6 years. The exception to this is when DNA evidence can be processed. In that case the statute of limitations expires in 15 years.


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Chester Roberson

On April 16th, 2004 Chester Roberson was found murdered inside AA Auto Sales on Highway 161 where he was employed. Your help is needed in solving this murder so if you have any information please call Detective Sergeant D. Dallas at 501-771-7152.

A $10,000 reward is offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for this crime.