Leaf Removal 2021-2022

Leaf Pick and Removal
Posted on 10/29/2021

LEAF REMOVAL UPDATE (December 10, 2021)

The leaf crews are finishing up in the Baring Cross neighborhood (Area 4) today (Dec. 10) and will be in Mid City on Saturday. Please know we had several trucks with mechanical issues last week but we are working diligently to get all of our leaf crews working again.
The crews are working as fast as they can to cover the entire city at least once before starting the second trip through all Areas (see attached map) of the city. Please be patient with us as we strive to service every resident as quickly and as efficiently as possible.
Area 5 get ready, here we come!!!

began Monday, November 1, 2021

The North Little Rock Sanitation Department provides a LEAF PICK-UP PROGRAM to all residents in the city. Residents have two options for leaf removal:


Bagged leaves will be picked up weekly when your yard waste is picked up.


A non-scheduled service provided for residents who don’t mind waiting a bit. Leaves raked or blown to the curb will be picked up when the trucks reach your particular zone.


“Where are the trucks now?”

Each week, the city’s Facebook page will include the updated location (AREA) the trucks are working in as well as the Area they will move to next.


If you choose to place your loose leaves at the curb for the leaf vacuum truck, there are several things to remember:

  • How soon a truck makes it down a street or through a neighborhood depends many unknown factors: Have the leaves fallen yet? How many residents are participating? Did it rain yesterday? How many trucks have to have their mulchers fixed? These factors vary from day-to-day and street-to-street.
  •  Seven (7) Leaf Vacuum Trucks: The leaf vacuum trucks usually make three runs through the city each season. The trucks pick up leaves in all neighborhoods in the city.
  • Do NOT place leaves in the street or gutter: The reason the city provides a leaf pick up service is to prevent leaves from getting into the storm water drainage system. Clogged pipes can create flooding and contribute to potholes. Leaves should be placed on the curb, making sure they are not in the street or the gutter.
  • Leaves ONLY: Dropping sticks or sneaking in trash under the pile only causes the leaf mulcher to breakdown which then results in delays for all residents.

For more information, contact the North Little Rock Sanitation Department hotline at 501-371-9340 for a weekly update, or visit our website, This is also where you will find the illustrations of the five vacuum areas in the city which are color coded.