Liaison Named

Mayor Names Liaison to the Unsheltered Community
Posted on 06/28/2021

North Little Rock Police Officer Jhailan Rathey was recently named as the Liaison to the Unsheltered Community for the City of North Little Rock by Mayor Terry Hartwick. “Jhailan has a passion for working with our unsheltered community and I believe he will do a wonderful job coordinating and utilizing individuals and resources in our community,” shared Mayor Hartwick. Chief Patrick Thessing of the North Little Rock Police Department shared, “Over the years we have witnessed a steady increase in the number of unsheltered individuals and families in the City of North Little Rock. Due to this increase, we wanted to find a way to help build relationships and provide assistance to those who are unsheltered who call North Little Rock their home.” Rathey, a lifetime North Little Rock resident, has worked as both a Crisis Negotiator and Field Training Officer. During his five years of service, Officer Rathey has received two Life-Saving Awards and has been named Officer of the Month. Officer Rathey will engage the unsheltered community to help facilitate access to resources they may need, as well as build relationships with our local business leaders and other available resources. Always interacting with caution, Officer Rathey will also communicate and secure assistance for individuals with specific, unique needs. If you would like to be included as a resource, please email Officer Rathey, [email protected], or contact him at (501) 975-8780.