Prescribed Burn in Burns Park

Prescribed Burn in Burns Park
Posted on 04/12/2021
Prescribed Burn


Safety cited in necessary burn in North Little Rock’s Burns Park

North Little Rock, Arkansas... (April 12, 2021)… A prescribed burn in North Little Rock’s Burns Park will begin tomorrow morning, Tuesday, April 13, 2021 at 11:00 am. These burns are planned and recommended by the Arkansas Forestry Commission, Central Arkansas Master Naturalists, The Nature Conservancy, and the North Little Rock Fire Department. Visitors to the Park will be prohibited from entering certain areas of the park during the burn period. Residents and visitors of central Arkansas may smell and see smoke coming from the park. This particular day was selected for its wind direction and speed to help ensure the smoke will rise up and away with minimal, temporary impact to the area.

  • Burn about 130 acres east of Joe K Poch Road, west of Championship Drive, south of I-40, and north of Arlene Laman Drive. (Tracts 2 and 3 on map)
  • Staging area for the crew will be at the Equestrian Parking / Scout Trailhead at Joe K Poch and I-40.
  • Road closure will consist of Joe K Poch Road between I-40 bridge and the covered bridge and Arlene Laman between covered bridge and Championship Drive.
  • Areas closed in Burns Park during the burn will include Equestrian parking, Green Trail, Yellow Trail, White Trail, Red Trail, Archery Range, BMX Track, Little Log Cabin, and Covered Bridge.
  • There will be residual smoke and embers visible throughout Friday night and will be monitored.
  • Areas affected by the smoke include all areas of Burns Park south of I-40 including the soccer complex, golf course, campground, BMX track, and Arkansas River Trail.
  • This burn will help reduce fire fuel and improve wildlife habitat.

We do encourage people to close their windows and those with serious respiratory issues should consider remaining indoors. The actual burn will take place morning to afternoon. Residual fire embers and smoke may be visible in the evening and throughout the night. As the air temperature cools, remaining smoke may settle in low-lying areas such as the Burns Park Soccer Complex and the Arkansas River. Staff will monitor the burn area throughout the night. On the day of each burn, officials from the Parks and Recreation Department will be on-hand within Burns Park to answer questions from the public and to help direct traffic around the burn area.

A complete “Burn Plan” may be viewed on the North Little Rock’s Parks and Recreation website at For more information, please visit Prescribed Burn or call 501-791-8540.

Tracts 3 is scheduled to be burned:
Tract 2 and 3