New Fire Station Opens in Levy

Levy Fire Station #6
Posted on 03/25/2021
Station 6 Aerial View
NLR holds OPENING CEREMONY FOR Station #6 Levy
The City of North Little Rock hosted a private OPENING CEREMONY for the first new fire station built in NLR since 2001.
The new station in the Levy Subdivision has been in the planning and development phase since 2017. This station is unlike any station in NLR because of the focus on firefighter safety that includes a decontamination room, positive pressure ventilation and a sprinkler system throughout the entire station. An additional feature unique to the new station is the inclusion of a “safe room” embedded in the turn-out locker which is rated to withstand a category 4 emergency. The two fire companies that will respond out of this station are two of the busiest in the city. Because of the geographic nature of the units, they not only serve the levy area and over 8,000 residents, but they also serve as a secondary and tertiary response to almost every other fire district in NLR. Engine 6 has been one of the busiest in the city and Rescue 6 (formerly Rescue 5) is one of only 2 Rescue companies in NLR and carries enhanced extrication and rescue equipment to help patients involved in motor-vehicle accidents as well as specialized responses.

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