A good communications department's job is to inform and engage citizens and employees about the issues and activities of the City of North Little Rock and to coordinate and facilitate communications from City departments to the public. 

Mission Statement

The North Little Rock  Communications Department's overall mission is to ensure communication between the City and citizens to foster a more productive, mutually beneficial relationship.


  • To provide useful information to North Little Rock residents about the City government.
  • To facilitate citizen input and feedback concerning the programs and policies of the City government to aid in the decision-making processes of the City.
  • To encourage citizen involvement and participation in government and community activities.
  • To reinforce the city's identity and community pride among North Little Rock's growing population.
  • To promote a stronger positive city image outside North Little Rock  among specific target publics that is vital to the community's economic well-being.
  • To support the City Council and administration in achieving overall goals and specific community programs.


  Jim Billings - Director
  300 Main St.
  North Little Rock, AR 72114
  Phone: (501) 975-8833