Broadway Bridge Survival Guide


Thank you for visiting North Little Rock's Broadway Bridge Survival Guide website. The next 6 months might be an inconvenience but hopefully the information you find here will help us all get through this together and have a new, beautiful bridge connecting our communities in 6 short months.

Here you can:

  • review some suggested alternate routes, and other traffic easing suggestions
  • look at some local traffic cams to help plan your commute
  • check out the project timeline to see when the nightmare will be over (we think)
  • Find out the latest news regarding construction, detours, and timelines.
  • Have fun looking at some old photos and stories about the original Broadway Bridge.

This is a real-time streaming video of the construction.  The view will refresh every 5 seconds and you can only watch it for three minutes at a time, before it will kick you offf (streaming is expensive, y'all!)

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