City Budget

Proposed 2018 Budget

(To be discussed at 11/13, 11/27, and 12/11 City Council meetings)

"...we strive for that perfect balance of providing excellent protection and services to our residents, while being efficient stewards of taxpayer dollars." - Mayor Joe A. Smith

Most city departments (including Police and Fire) will be found in the City's "General Fund". We know it can be confusing at first but by law certain revenue may only be spent on certain things. For example, some revenue received from county turnback funds may only be used for our street department. That is why we have so many different "funds". It is the most transparent manner to ensure the money is accounted for properly.

2018 Budget Highlights - Letter from Mayor to City Council

2018 DRAFT NLR Budget (General Fund)

2018 DRAFT NLR Budget (Parks) 

2018 DRAFT NLR Budget (Electric Dept)

2018 DRAFT NLR Budget (Airport) 

2018 DRAFT NLR Budget (Street Fund)

2018 DRAFT NLR Budget (Utilities Accounting Dept) 

2018 DRAFT NLR Budget (Special Projects) 

2018 DRAFT NLR Budget (NLR Proud Projects - 2017 Sales Tax)

2018 DRAFT NLR Budget (2000 Sales Tax Capital Improvement) 

Current Budget

2017 NLR Budget (Resolution #9108, Passed 12/12/16)

2017 NLR Electric Budget (Resolution #9109, Passed 12/12/16)

Past Budgets

2016 NLR Budget

2015 NLR Budget (Resolution #8711, Passed 12/09/14)

2014 NLR Budget (Resolution #8464, Passed 12/23/13)

2014 NLR Electric Department Budget (Resolution #8472, Passed 12/23/13)

2013 NLR Budget (Resolution #8227, Passed 12/27/12)

2012 NLR Budget (Resolution #7977, Passed 12/06/11)

2011 NLR Budget (Ordinance #8312, Passed 12/27/10)

2010 NLR Budget (Ordinance #8220, Passed 12/28/09)

2009 NLR Budget (Ordinance #8135, Passed 12/22/08)

2008 NLR Budget (Ordinance #8033, Passed 12/27/07)