Personnel Policies

Personnel Policies

Full-Time Non-Uniformed Policy Manual - UPDATED 01/28/2019

Full-Time Uniformed Policy Manual-Published 08/2019

NLR Civil Service Commission Rules and Regulations

Inclement Weather Policy

Holiday & Leave Policies

2019 City Holidays

Annual & Discretionary Leave

Sick Leave

Emergency Leave- Death in Immediate Family

Military Leave

Jury or Witness Duty

FMLA - Family and Medical Leave

To request FMLA, please complete the FMLA Request & Desingation form below. Also, complete the FMLA certification form that corresponds with your leave request.  Return forms to Kristen Jones in Human Resources. 



Betty Anderson, Human Resources Director, 501-975-8855

Kristen Jones, Human Resources Admin Specialist, 501-975-8855