Coordination with NLRSD

With the passage of the North Little Rock School District (NLRSD) millage in 2012, the School District began an aggressive planning, design, and construction program to replace or modify the schools in North Little Rock.  Overall, the Program is anticipated to cost 220 million dollars.  Schools being replaced or modified involved the following:      

North Little Rock High School                              Crestwood Elementary

Meadow Park Elementary                                   Indian Hills Elementary

Amboy Elementary                                                 Seventh Street Elementary

Lakewood Elementary                                           Ridge Road Elementary

Boone Park Elementary                                        Pike View Preschool

Glenview Elementary

One major planning and design challenge was how to construct new schools on existing school properties while the existing schools remained opened.  For safety, the school district put a premium in design on keeping the car loops and bus loops separate.  In addition, Pre-K kid parking needed to be separated from the traffic loops.

With limited space, construction at each school involves phases for traffic control on City streets.  The Engineering/Traffic Departments has been and will continue coordinating with the NLRSD at each school.  Prior to new schools openings, transition plans are developed, coordinated, and implemented.  Traffic Department work on city street Right-of-Ways (ROW) involves coordination with school personnel and representatives, developing traffic control exhibits, temporary and final striping and signage.