Planning Commission

The duties of the North Little Rock Planning Commission are to conduct public hearings regarding the review of new development and the subdivision of property within the City and the City’s Planning Area, and to achieve the provisions of the Master Street Plan. The Commission aims to provide a quality community through the review of new development and the subdivision of property within the City and the City’s Planning Area.

The Commission makes recommendations to the City Council regarding zoning changes, Special Use, and Conditional Use. The Commission also makes recommendations concerning amendments or changes to the Master Street Plan, the Land Use Plan, the Subdivision and Development ordinance and other comprehensive planning elements.  The Commission exercises final approval jurisdiction for the platting of property and the development plan of all properties, with the exception of one and two family dwelling units. 

The Planning Commission public hearing is held at 4:00 pm on the second Tuesday of each month in the City Council Chambers, City Hall, 300 Main Street, North Little Rock, AR.

The Design Review Committee of the North Little Rock Planning Commission reviews design details of certain developments and provides approvals when given such authority.  The Design Review Committee along with city staff reviews all applications submitted for consideration by the Planning Commission and provides a recommendation along with any conditions, to the full Commission for final consideration. 

The Design Review Committee meets the second Wednesday after each Planning Commission hearing at 2 pm in the Council Chamber, City Hall, 300 Main Street, North Little Rock, AR.  The Design Review Committee may conduct a secondary meeting on applications at 3:00 pm also located at City Hall prior to the Planning Commission hearing.   

Planning Commission hearing dates and Design Review Committee meeting dates, times, and locations are subject to change.  Please call the Planning Department at 501.975.8835 to verify hearing dates, times, and locations prior to attendance. 

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2021 Planning Commission Calendar

2021 Steps in submitting a request for rezoning, special use, or conditional use

Planning Commission Procedures

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Below is the preferred contact information for the Planning Commissioners:

 Name  Contact  Term Expires 

 Emanuel Banks

501-541-9182  03/24/2023

 Vandy Belasco

501-753-2718  04/28/2023

 Don Chambers, Subdivision Chair



 Norman Clifton, Chairman



 James G. Dietz

 501-680-2882  01/12/2023

 Charley Foster

 501-351-1043  04/28/2024

 Avon "Junior" Phillips



 Edward Wallace

 501-737-8081  04/28/2022

 Steve White, Vice Chairman

 501-425-0128  04/28/2023