Dogs are Great

Posted on 11/03/2014

The Shelter adopts dogs out locally as well as to out-of-state adopters via rescue groups.  This couldn't be done without the assistance of our 501(c)3 volunteer group Southern Paws Transport.   Meet some of our pets that have found forever homes through the hard work of our volunteers and rescue partners!   

Bandit was transported on our first ever straight through transport from North Little Rock to Minneapolis, Mn.  He drove with 15 other dogs from the NLR Shelter to multiple receiving rescues in Minnesota.  Bandit's receiving rescue was Heading Home K9, and the foster family was already interested in adopting Bandit.  Bandit was pulled by a rescue, but his foster home family with that rescue got hurt, so he was left rescueless.  He was put in a temporary foster care to get him out of the shelter due to the fact that he was terrified.  Bandit was scared of hallways, bedrooms, fast movements, lots of people, leashes, you name it.  The foster home didn't know of Bandit's past, but they did know that they wanted the best for him.  His foster mom in Minnesota was nervous for Bandit, but Bandit was adopted  just days after arrival in Minnesota.  His norther family and his Arkansas family stay in close contact.  Bandit couldn't be any happier with his parents, hum siblings, and fur sibling.  Thank you to the Traylor family, Heading Home K9, the Mueller family, the Siok family, and all of the wonderful people who donated for gas money on the first ever SPT Van Ride to Minneapolis.